Reports and costs statements

Advanced and easy to use statistical module gives you many ways to analyse data of your farm. Cost of field works, labour cost, equipment amortisation and many others, will give you clear insight into profitability of your cultivations.

Traceability for food safety

Agridata records automatically all the field work and allows to track the whole production process – from field preparation to harvest. Comfortable and reliable documentation facilitates access to safe food markets.

Boost your competitiveness

Savings on effective employee and equipment management will enhance your competitiveness. Additionally, precise farming will help you reduce spendings on fertilization and crop protection.

Integrated data base for seeds, fertilizers and crop protection products

Integrated warehouse module allows you to control quantities and flows of inputs. It’s proven that effective warehouse management brings lots of savings and prevents errors in crop protection products applications.

Time saving

Comfort and easy access to reliable data saves your time on tedious administrative duties. Automatically generated knowledge base is a valuable tool for effective farm management.

Formal requirements

Electronic and automatic record of all crop protection uses will help you to fulfill formal obligations and pass any inspection. Full report of used crop protection products is just one click away.


Automated field work registry

Our system automatically registers all works that are carried out on the fields.

Updated plot maps

Adding fields in our system is quick, easy and everything adds up.

Automatically generated

cultivations registires, statistics on equipment usage, cost reports. Agridata calculates it all based on the data from our devices and information about your fields, machines and employees. It does most of the administrative routine for you.

Electronic registry of crop protection activities

Required documentation is filled automatically and you can avoid filling similar reports over and over again. You don’t have to worry about complete and accurate documentation either.

Fuel level monitoring

Fuel level can be read form fuel probe or from vehicles computer. It is constantly monitored and any irregularities are visible and reported promptly.

Integrated knowledge base

You don’t have to wase time to look for information on pathogens, crop protection products, fertilizers or seeds. Everything you to know and to keep your documentation tidy is just few clicks away.