Skład systemu do monitorowania upraw oraz maszyn rolniczych - Rolnictwo 2.0

they are three smart devices!


Nadajnik LARO zamontowany na maszynie

The base – a device that monitors vehicles. On the outside it’s rather small, made from high quality plastic into carefully designed housing. Inside, it has it’s electronic heart, designed and build in Poland. It is composed of a GPS receiver, GSM modem, wireless connectivity module and a CAN interface. It’s powered from vehicles electrical system. We install it near vehicles’ roof so it has good GSM and GPS reception and it’s safe from physical damage.


elektronika dla rolnictwa

it’s a passive, wireless identification device. We install it on agricultural machines to let LARO know exactly what kind of job are you up to. This way our server knows what set of equipment is working or being transported. This information allows our system to prepare proper entry in the field card and registries for you. It’s small size, compact and hermetic enclosure minimize risk of damage even in demanding environment. It’s fully maintenance-free and a build-in battery set lasts for 10 years of constant work. After that you will get a new one.


producent elektroniki dla rolnictwa

second of our passive devices is responsible for identification of the operator. Thanks to this watch-like device, your employees effective work is registered to the minute. With this information our system not only helps you to calculate salaries but provides evidence for motivation programme. It also helps to determine who was responsible for which job.

it comes to WARO 
With our cloud solution (WARO) you have access to all the information and services like:

  • monitoring of equipment and employees (current state and historical data)
  • warehouse management: seeds, fertilizers, crop protection and fuel
  • task and work time management for employees
  • manage your plots
  • field cards (automaticaly generated reports on every agricultural task performed on the plot combined with registry of fertilizers and crop protection products)
  • tool to assist your finance management that calculates costs of human and machine labour, allocates costs of production for every field and calculates profitability for every plot
  • fertilization plan based on soil characteristics and crop needs


We constantly work on our system to make it better. We would love to hear about your needs and ideas and how could we take Agridata further!